Music Therapy

Music Therapy

Much research exists today that supports the measurable positive effects of therapy using music. For example, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’ amazing head trauma recovery is partly credited to music therapy.* MUSICSTAR Care applies music as therapy in many different ways, ranging from stimulation of auditory senses and related brain activity, emotional responses and healing, to stimulation of a wide array of cognitive abilities and related brain activity and development of fine motor skills. Active participation in music involves complex neurological processes. No other single activity engages the human brain to this extent.

MUSICSTAR Care group therapy sessions engage participants in not only listening and responding to music, but also in exploring musical instruments and active music making as a way to provide neurological and physiological stimulation and development. Through this, many positive results in patient care and rehabilitation have been achieved. We serve consumers of a wide range of physical and mental disabilities from severe to light, from long-term to short-term.

What We Provide:

We provide therapy and therapeutic group facilitation through music interaction. Our staff engages participants in exploring music, musical instruments and participating in music making on a basic level, in line with the particular physical and mental abilities of the participants. The purpose is to help stimulate cognitive abilities, fine motor skills, etc. We provide simple percussion and other instruments for the participants as part of our service.

Certified Facilitation Staff

MUSICSTAR Care facilitators have passed livescan criminal background checks. They have passed special training in group facilitation, ethics standards, health and safety, compliance training in external laws and regulations, and are closely monitored.


Our hourly rate for group therapy sessions is $75, including all instruments and staff. We can serve up to 20 or 30 consumers in a session.

Length of Sessions

Sessions are usually between 30 minutes and one hour long.

How Often Do Sessions Take Place?

We recommend two time s a week or weekly group sessions.

Downloadable Musicstar Music Therapy Brochure


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