Multicultural Music Program

MUSICSTARĀ® has developed a multicultural music appreciation program that allows students to explore the planet through the medium of music. Various modules and combinations of modules are available. Students explore the music of different regions, but also learn about the people, geography and other aspects. Musical instruments from different cultural regions are showcased. The curriculum also engages students in making simple versions of musical instruments characteristic of certain cultures.

Available Modules

  • Introduction to Western Music
  • Jazz Music
  • Music of the Middle Ages
  • Music of the Baroque
  • Music of the Classical Period
  • Music of the Romantic Period
  • Music of the Twentieth Century
  • Traditional European Continent
    with sub categories such as Greece, Eastern European countries, etc.
  • Native American Music
  • Music of the African Continent
    with sub categories, such as Northern Africa, Central Africa, South Africa, and specific regions.
  • Music of Latin America
    with sub categories, such as Mexico, Argentinia, Chile, Cuba, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, and more.
  • Music of the Asian Continent
    with sub categories such as: China, Japan, India, Egypt, and more.