Kids Music Programs

Starting music at a young age is extremely important in terms of a child’s overall development. Plenty of research is available that shows how participation in music making improves the development of motor skills, language skills, body-mind coordination, intellectual reasoning, creativity, emotional well-being and more.

MUSICSTAR® has developed a comprehensive curriculum that accompanies a child’s development stages and uses music and art as a tool to improve developmental progress. Participating in music, responding to music in movement and dance, expressing music through other art forms, etc. are all part of MUSICSTAR® Kids education. Many of the MUSICSTAR® Kids programs involve both child and parents, thereby helping increase the bond between parents and children.

MUSICSTAR® Kidz Early Explorer is for children 6 months to 3 years of age, and provides an ageappropriate MUSICSTAR®Kidz experience. Parents are encouraged to participate with their child and learn activities they can enjoy all week long.

MUSICSTAR®Kidz Explorer is a continuation of general music exploration for school-age children from age 6 to 8. Participants will acquire basic music literacy skills by learning about musical notation, beat, rhythm, note values and pitch. Students will also play simple percussion and melodic instrument as a group.

Musicstar Baby

For many years MUSICSTAR® has been a leading provider of quality music education. Our MUSICSTAR® KIDZ division has helped many families and their young children discover the true power of active music participation as it positively impacts childhood development.

We have now grown by launching MUSICSTAR® BABY, a new brand that offers special classes and products for parents and their infants.

One of our first products is “MUSICSTAR® Baby Sign Language Essentials”. MUSICSTAR® Baby sign language classes help parents incorporate this powerful activity into daily routines, enabling your baby to effectively communicate much earlier in non-verbal ways.

MUSICSTAR® BABY WIGGLES ‘n GIGGLES explores music and interaction with music as part of the whole child development. (Age 0-1+)

MUSICSTAR® BABY COLORS ‘n SHAPES helps sharpen tactile senses and cognitive abilities by exploring art, colors, shapes and sizes while immersed in play time. (Age 0-1+)