Drumline Program

Drum line programs are exciting and effective music education solutions. As instrumental technique focuses on rhythmic accuracy more so than developing the mechanics of producing actual sounds on an instrument, students are able to perform successfully within a shorter time than band programs, for example. Drum line includes elements of pageantry, which makes student performances very exciting and engaging. Drum line showcases lend themselves to virtually any occasion and location. Students use curriculum and book resources that explore general music literacy, especially rhythm, musicianship, ensemble playing, aesthetics and more.

Available Modules

Urban Drumline:
Most Common Instrumentation: buckets and pales
-Grades 2 and up
Traditional Drumline:
Most Common Instrumentation: Snare kits, tom toms and others
-Grades 3 and up
Junior Drumline
Most Common Instrumentation: tuned and un-tuned hand percussion
-Grades 1 to 3
Hybrid Drumline
Combination of other drumline configurations
-Grade 1 and up